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(P̄hạk k̄ĥāw thiphy) n. “Pha” tool, tray or table which is used to serve or hold items. “Khao” rice but can also refer to food in general. “Phakhao” 1 low bamboo table traditionally used by Lao families and friends to sit on the floor and eat around. 2 table of food. “Thip” 1 name of owner, founder and cook. 2 gifted, heavenly, blessed, godliness, sixth sense, or third eye. “PhakhaoThip” 1 Thip’s table of food 2 heavenly table of food for the gods.

A Tradition And A culture Nurtured Through Time

In every dish that we’ve created is a story of a woman who had nothing but her faith crossing that river in Laos in order to seek refuge and a silver lining from the war few had surpassed. She rebuilt her life and raise her family by the only thing she know how to do. To cook. Here at phakhaothip this is our pillar or strenght. As a son of a refugee and an immigrant this is what culture and tradition is all about. It’s embracing what you learned from the one before you and how they made it happen so we can have a meaningful life today. That’s why from one plate to another, we are serving you our very own tradition. A tradition that was built by faith and unconditional love for lao food.

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